The Foundation is 10 years old!  And we celebrated this year by throwing a party with the students at the soccer field.

The students surprised us with these custom shirts that they each made on their own.




They also made this plaque with their names on it



We have 25 students enrolled for 2018.  Here are 4 new students and their families:

Alexis is starting kindergarten


Jasmin is starting 3rd grade


Julisa is starting kindergarten


Helen is starting 2nd grade


Here are some of our current students:

Erlin and his family. He is starting 2nd grade


Carlo Andre is starting 6th grade and is a big Barcelona fan. He got good grades and so we brought him down a soccer ball.


Carlo Andre showing off his good report card.


Lissbeth is starting her last year of high school and is preparing to go to college next year


Sebastian is starting 2nd grade


Astrid is in her 4th year in the University of San Carlos and we presented her with a new laptop. She is only 2 years away from becoming a professor.


Janet is starting 4th grade. 2 year ago she had surgery on her right eye and is now 100% recovered.


Jancie is starting 7th grade


Here are the students making the shirts:





We are so grateful for all of our supporters.  2018 will be another great year for Brite Blue.  It is such an honor to help these students reach their goals.


Mike, Damon, Matt and Josh


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