We provide Scholarships in Guatemala - 100% of all donations go to the students


The Foundation is 10 years old!  And we celebrated this year by throwing a party with the students at the soccer field.           We have 25 students enrolled for 2018.  Here are 4 new students and their families:         Here are some of our current students:     […]


Here are our 5 new students for 2017! Graduates of 2016: Thank you to all of our donors and we look forward to 2017!


5 new scholarships for 2016!  Thank you to all of our donors.  100% of all of your donations go directly to the students.                        


5 new scholarships for 2015!                      

December 2013

Thanks to all of our donors, we gave 3 new scholarships for the 2014 school year.                

April 2013

  Looking forward to our November trip…  


The students are growing so quickly.  Thanks for another great year!          


All the students are doing great.  We look forward to another great year….  


First graduations…          


We are growing! Milton